Learn Copywriting By Writing Copy No One Else Sees

I want to share something that I do a few times a week that takes very little time and keeps my copywriting laser-sharp.

I love to read in the morning while I drink coffee. One of the things that’s ALWAYS on the reading list is a mind-expanding book (right now it’s Play Bigger by several co-authors).

Authors of these kinds of books are constantly introducing new ideas / new concepts and when I read one that feels impressive, I stop and write enough copy to “sell” the concept to someone. No one else reads it, mind you, but it is an exercise in quickly thinking out who could be changed by this knowledge and how I would convince them to invest their time/money into learning it.

Here’s an example from this morning. The authors are talking about the way category innovation and leadership develop. It’s too complex to detail here but they basically lay out a data-driven argument to being first or (at worst) second in a newly-carved category.

So, I’m already thinking how I’d do an ad or craft a lander that would make them invest in that knowledge. My headline/hook might be:

Learn the One Secret that Will Help You Sidestep Bankruptcy When “the Big Fad” Flames Out

Your SaaS May Be On the Chopping Block | 3 Ways to Avoid the Blade

Learn How to Lock in 80% of a Niche’s Net Profit and Leave Competitors Fighting Over the Scraps

Those are just quick examples of my practice. I like to do bullets some days, guarantees, offer stacks etc. The bottom line is you take a legitimately brilliant idea from a book and spend 10 or 15 minutes massaging the words that would make it irresistible to others.

Some days won’t be inspiring, but every day that you do it you’ll be closer to confidence and independence with writing your own copy – and you’ll experience some amazing books along the ride.

Followup thoughts

Look, we all doubt our talent. And, at least until your copywriting actually sells something, your confidence will likely be low. That’s why this method works so well. NO ONE sees your practice copy. You can use proven sweipe formats or color outside the lines with NOTHING at risk.  But you’re still practicing the important components – target customer analysis, how to hook someone right away, how to write bullet points so juicy that the customer feels that life can’t measure up unless they have this knowledge bomb you are dangling.

Practice building offers and estimate ‘the value’ of each piece. If you gave away the front-end, what would you ask for after the email address? Quick upsell? Just an autoresponder series? How can you maximize the lifetime value of those who see your offer?

Reverse engineer any funnel you can find. Be relentless with words – very few others are and it will give you the most unfair advantage imaginable.

Sorry this is so long but I promise it’s life-changing.