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Write Amazing Copy in 2 Days… Without Cracking a Boring Textbook

If you’ve ever been afraid to use words to sell a product, service… or even an idea, Copywriting Secrets is YOUR book. Jim has crammed decades of understanding how people decide to buy, and how you can profit when they do, into a book that you can probably tackle in two days.

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It’s a ‘quick’ read, but you’ll definitely want to have this book at hand whenever it’s to write with persuasion

You’ll want to keep it at your desk for good, though, because it makes for an excellent reference when you’re ready to write an ad, a sales letter or anything where you’ll need to use words to convince. Speaking of words, you’ll be spared the complex mumbo jumbo that so many copywriting books have used before. This is plain-spoken, rubber hits the road teaching from a true master of the craft.

You might wonder if Jim Edwards actually does have the industry chops to be that teacher. Well, to put your fears to rest, Jim has worked closely with ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson for years now. He is heartily endorsed by the big earners in our business and this book will multiply your own income potential in very short order.

That’s my review. The ball is in your court now. Do you want to leapfrog your competition and sell pretty much anything with ease? Copywriting Secrets is the everyman’s guide to persuading prospects that your products and services are exactly what they need.