Copywriting is using words to motivate someone to perform a certain action.

Copy isn’t just the written word either. It is also effective in what you say in meetings, on video or through webinar.

joe newell of provesend

If you have an accurate assessment of what your prospect needs and can create the message that proves you have the ideal solution, the business will be yours.

I am Joe Newell and the copy I create has been responsible for millions of dollars in product and services sold.

As I move closer to retirement, it feels like time to teach what I have learned. ProveSend is full of copywriting education, some free and some paid.

But all of it will create a selling momentum that can change your financial future.

I’ll leave you with this thought:

In my opinion, the world’s harmony could be amplified if those who had something of value to sell would accept responsibility for using benefit-based language to overcome the natural skepticism built-up in response to hucksters and lazy salesmen.

In other words, sell your good stuff boldly!